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Hotel Alto
The building was built at the beginning of 2015. Alto is the first "smiley" hotel brand in Poland, aiming primarily on positive experience and well-being will be. It is also an ideal place for a comfortable stay at a good price, in accordance with the principle of "The earlier you book, the less you pay for". The hotel offer 108 beds in 54 specially soundproofed rooms, a designer and special Fork Zone Rest Zone with comfortable couches and a large TV. The hotel also have adjusted for the disabled. It offers an attractive addition to the technological innovations.

Network Alto and location:
We focused not only on the new concept hotel, but also on the business potential of smaller Polish cities. The first building was built in Zory, which are located in the Silesian agglomeration and is a city with a well developed industrial infrastructure. Ultimately, we want to make our new brand, in a short time, grown into a leader in the local hotel markets throughout the country.

Chairman of the Alto Hotels Ltd.
Artur Hajduk

Meet our hotel:

Agency for Enterprise Development Ltd. was established in November 2003 to February 2011, our headquarters was Chorzow, but as a result of extending the scope of your business, and you want to continue the development decided to change the location, and Zory proved to be the perfect place.

The impact on our decision had a lot of arguments, including Zory location on major transport routes, proximity to most major cities in Silesia, as well as research institutions (Silesian University of Technology, Częstochowa University of Technology, University of Agriculture in Krakow), of which we now have to work more closely in the field of research.

It is also important that Zory have industrial areas in which companies operate with different profiles. This enables us to supply the variety of materials and raw materials we use include in the manufacturing process.

There is no doubt of great importance for the development of businesses in the area has a unique favor and pro - investor attitude of the city authorities. The city supports investors through every stage of the business, which further encourages action in Zory.

Looking at it like after two years changed our company with complete confidence I can say that it was a very good choice.

Iwona Gawel

Chairman of the Board

Sport-Clinic was established in 2002. From the beginning we specialize in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery method (in particular, reconstruction and repair procedures of the knee and shoulder). We are counted among the leading centers in the country dealing with this type of treatments. We also specialize in knee replacement, hip and shoulder. We perform surgical procedures reimbursed by the National Health Fund, as well as commercial operations.

Sport-clinic helps patients more than 11 years. All this time, invariably confirms his belief that the decision to start operations in Zory was just the right decision.

The first important reason was the location of Zory. The city is well connected to the other Polish cities, patients already 10 years ago could quickly get motorway and main roads to Zory. Currently are already available two motorways, making it even easier to move. Patients, especially from abroad, are able to take advantage of the two airports in Pyrzowice and Balice, and from there get to Zory in a short time. What's more, Zory are situated near the beautiful Beskid Mountains, which is not without significance for patients visiting our clinic from distant places.

Second, an important aspect is the cooperation with local authorities. Current from the beginning has been very successful. Understanding desire to solve problems, willingness to work and a high level of sensitivity of the business are unquestionably Zory City Hall. This is an important and a very nice touch to operate and grow in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

The decision to start operations in Zory, taken 11 years ago was the right one. The conviction that led us to the further development of Sport-Clinic. I just completed the fourth expansion of the clinic already open in an extremely important step. We built a new, luxury bed unit for patients, physicians Training Center for Polish and foreign, and a restaurant, serving our patients and visitors. But the most important thing in the entire project was to create a quick and comprehensive process of diagnosis and treatment of the patient. We offer the patient the opportunity to make a diagnosis and suggest treatment or rehabilitation in just one day. The complexity that we offer to the patient, improves the quality of our services, the level of which cannot be ignored by the world's best clinic.


Wiesław Dobrowolski

Chairman of the Board

Sport-Clinic CO


Mokate is a group of nine companies employing more than 1,500 people in facilities such as in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Producing about 1,200 products, which are sold in all continents of the world. It is one of the largest producers of instant coffee and tea making facilities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Mokate is also a leading producer of semi-finished products for the food industry in Europe. In the latter category is the leading plant facility Mokate in the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE) in Zory.

Why Zory?

We took into account many factors. Important was the proximity of the plant Mokate in Ustrorn our first office. Besides, Zory is well communicated with our southern neighbors. Given the logistical costs Zory was an excellent choice - so we have easy access to a market consisting of almost 100 million consumers.

It is also important that the place where the company operates, was friendly to business. What matters is so good cooperation with the local government, professional civil servants, comprehensive investment offer, the appropriate labor market - experienced management staff and future potential employees - students, in Silesia, which is close to 250,000.

It is not without importance for the smooth functioning of the large companies are also the living conditions of workers. Zory-friendly city are not only business but also the people, which is unfortunately not the case. Friendly and attractive city is a very important asset, especially for our employees came from other Polish cities and even from abroad.

Today, I am pleased that the choice of Zory as the seat of the largest factory of the Group Mokate was look no further. Therefore, we plan to further expand the company in this space. I am convinced that the development of Mokate in Zory will run as far - great!

Dr. Adam Mokrysz Board Member Mokate





"I had a dream…" - and this dream comes true. That we can say today about everything that could make in Żory since 1996 on the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE SA) areas. Determination for years and good cooperation with the local authorities it is the first positive step. Constantly enriching the infrastructure in the city, including in the first place road and sewage system it is another good step. Openness to the new ideas and solutions, a will to overcome adversities and internationalization city structures it is third good step. In such an environment Special Economic Zone could dynamic develop and used this opportunity very well. Good cooperation has shown that it is possible to open more areas of Zone, in Żory we have a third area already that we are going to develop. I am glad that KSSE SA Żory is a solid brick wall stretched with high unemployment of the end of the nineties.

Andrzej Zabieglinski

Vice President - Board Member

Katowice Special Economic Zone SA

Prymat - Jan Gałuszka

Municipality of Żory is a place of great investment potential, friendly to development of economic activity. The investment attractiveness of this region convinced us to take over the "Smak" company in 2009 and then to build a new production facility.
Żory as part of the Silesian agglomeration fully utilizes the fully developed infrastructure and road network, prime localization is often the basis for successful business start. Apart from the infrastructure, the biggest advantage of the region is its highly qualified staff and dynamic business environment.

Jan Gałuszka
CFO, Prymat Ltd.


We have considered several locations for our investment in Poland but also in neighboring countries, and we have received very interesting offers particularly from Slovakia and Czech Republic. However the best offer in terms of local support came from Zory in form of property tax relief and administrative support for our long-term investment divided in three major stages. The fact that we will be able to obtain property tax relief for several years when our investment in Zory will growth is the major advantage.
Second most important point which made us chose Zory instead of many other location in Poland and aboard is the reputation of Zory as business friendly town. Zory authorities are know as real public servants, which are there to support and solve problems not to create problems and barriers for new investors. For example the fact that we were able to speak directly with the Mayor of Zory who has good command of English and understands problems of companies new to Poland made on us very good impression. Knowing that there is highly qualified and reliable person representing Zory is great comfort to us, as in our culture good example coming from the top is very important.

Other reasons include:

- Zory unlike many other places in Silesia is free from mining damages. This is big advantage of Zory over other places in this region.
- Recent significant investment in infrastructure, for SL particularly important is good road connection with our main business partner in Gliwice, and in near future improved connection with Czech Republic and Slovakia also played significant part in our decision.
- Access to wide pool of highly qualified and experienced labor.
- Abundant of competitive suppliers.
- Zory has invested heavily in recent years in order to improve quality of life for its inhabitants. Public and private investments in projects like Western Town Twinpigs put Zory in top of family friendly place in Silesia, which is important from point of view of our future workforce, and it should make easier for our company to attract good quality workers who will want to work and live in Zory.

SL Corportation investment in Zory is divided in three major phases, with plan to employ around 500 people when fully loaded, but it depends on business circumstance and local support. Many of them will be women which should help resolve unemployment issue in Zory.
In the first phase SL is planning to invest 7.5million euro in new facility, with recruitment beginning in September 2014 and 41 workers employed as starters by 1st quarter of 2015.
In Zory SL is planning to produce automatic and manual transmission shift levers and Acceleration/Brake/Clutch pedal modules for GME (Opel & Chevy) at the moment. At latter stages possibly exterior lighting system such as head lamp & rear combination lamp which is SL's major production line.

Kum-Sung Suk President of SL Poland Sp. z o.o.

Jacek Szymczyk

Instanta CO deals with the production of instant coffee sold under the brand of the customer. We have decided for an investment in Żory for many reasons. The most important are: attractive offer of areas that belong to the of Katowice Special Economic Zone, support from the city authorities, very appealing localization, close proximity to motorway A1 and national road 81, presence of experienced business partners and employees of a proper qualification level which are recruited not only from Żory but also from neighboring cities e.g. Jastrzębie Zdrój, Pawłowice, Rybnik.  All that supports the dynamic growth of our enterprise and I can say, with much confidence: the decision to invest in Żory was most accurate.

Jacek Szymczyk
Chairman of the Board
Instanta CO